Title: Trade Mistakes
Artist: Panic! at the Disco
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you can’t fly these wings
you can’t sleep in this box with me

Anonymous Senpai..I don't know why but I've been extremely anxious and really worried about everything, and it makes me want to cry so often (which I didn't do much till now.) Is there something wrong with me? What should I do?

For starters, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you so please do not try to believe that. It’s completely normal to feel this way often. I struggled and still struggle with anxiety. It’s really important to try and figure out what it is that’s making you so anxious. Until then, what usually helps me with attacks is taking ten deep breaths (or more until you start to feel the anxiety dissipate). This may sound silly but it helped me after I took my deep breathes; I would focus on something very irrelevant. For example, I focused a lot on trees, plants and the sky. It helped keep the anxiety away after the deep breathes. I’m sorry if none of this helps, I’m probably not the best person to ask for help about this stuff, but I wish you the best. 

Some of my favourite Vines by Brendon Urie, which were excluded from the original post.

There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who steal, and those who are stolen from.


sorry for all the selfies as of late ehehehe


Keeping Their Shoes Clean
But Getting Their Hands Dirty,
A Midnight Rendezvous.
                    Kuroshitsuji Chapter 96